Sick and Twisted Affair.

Caer flopped into the over stuffed chair and rubbed her temples.  She let her ‘gaze’ look around the room and couldn’t help but smirk a bit at Vaulks choice of  decor, richly made tapestries, thick rugs and of course some of the best furniture one could buy. The chair she was sitting on probably cost more than her ships maintenance. The paintings in the room depicted various things but the main theme seemed to be beautiful women and men in various poses. Likely present or past employees of the Purebloods.

She loved this room. It was cozy. It had a feel of being lived in and it was clean. It was a clean sort of clutter that she didn’t seem to mind and it didn’t stir up her neat freak desire to clean it. Books stood in several book shelves, couches were lined with pillows and throw blankets.  A bar stood off to one side, adorned with different types of drinks and of course glasses. She could tell he hadn’t been in recently, there was no wine glass sitting on the table.  Which meant he was probably in the control room brooding.

Sighing she jumped when a hand appeared before her holding a glass of wine. One of the male dancers she recognized as Surshan smiled, the young man gesturing to her. His accent when he spoke was exotic and she couldn’t help but smirk as he spoke, “We saw you come in, you looked tired so I was sent by the girls to see if you had anything you needed.”

Caer chuckled and shook her head taking the wine glass. Alderaanian red. Her favorite. Her girls and guys knew her so well. “Thank you Surshan.  Vaulk know I’m here?” She paused as she drained the glass and then shook her head. “Stupid question, of course he does. What’s his mood today?”

Surshan gave a gentle roll of his bare shoulders and refilled her glass once she’d emptied it. “The same. Though no more girls or families have been attacked, which in my opinion is a good thing. Many of the girls have hired a body guard so maybe that deterred them.”

She nodded at Surshans words and sighed a bit. “Doesn’t mean much. That’s for sure, and I’m sure most of them are still worried sick. Anything at all from the kidnappers? No ransom notes or anything?”

Surshan sat down on one of the couches across from her and shook his head. “No, that’s the weird thing. Nothing at all. No word on who did this and that’s what’s so strange. Gangs are always happy to take responsibility. Think that it gives them street cred and all that; but not this time. Nobody has claimed anything and in fact a couple rival gangs sent envoys to assure Vaulk that it wasn’t them.”

Caer arched a brow. “How’d that go?”

“Well, none of the guards have been asked to dump a body, so that’s something.” Surshan grinned.

“Huh. Well he knows I’m here so I’m sure he’ll be along shortly. Got someone to finally tell me that they ‘might’ have seen something but I’d have to pay them a thousand credits for the info. I told them that I can tell if they’re lying. They swear that they might have seen something, but it’s one of those gray areas of whether or not the actually did see something or if they believe so much they saw something because they’re so desperate for money that they convinced themselves they saw it.” Caer took a drink from her glass before setting it aside. “Either way I want to talk to Vaulk about it before I hand some mook a grand.”

The young man nodded and got to his feet. “In the meantime, what can I do for you?” He winked at her as he slid onto her lap.

Caer snorted and gently shoved him. “Get your oiled ass off of me for one. This is genuine leather.”

Surshan gave a little pout and kissed her cheek, not moving from his spot. “You wound me! I can give you a massage you know, I’m great with my hands.”

“And tongue, and legs, I know. I’ve seen you perform.” Caer gave him a smirk. “But sure a massage would be nice.”

Caer waited for Surshan to get to his feet and then took his hand as he lead her to the table in the back. She peeled off her armoring and under top, crawling onto the bed and flopping onto her stomach. “Mmmph. Bed too soft. Going to sleep.”

“That’s fine, honey. You know you’re going to anyways.” Surshan chuckled and dug around a box for some oils. The younger man crawled onto the bed straddling Caers hips and began to gently work his thumbs and the palms of his hands into tense mucles. “Good heavens. I won’t even ask you what has you all knotted up. I know. But do try to make my job a little easier.”

Caer made a grunt and turned her head to the side,  one arm tucked under her head. “Yeah, I’m pretty tense about it. I hate it when Vaulk is angry. He’s that quiet angry that puts you on edge, you know? Loud angry I can handle, I know what might happen. I know when it might even happen. But the quiet angry? I can’t really handle it that well. It’s like being stuck in a room with a poisonous snake. Sure it might not bite but then again it might.  Even I’m not invulnerable to Vaulk and his moods.”

The young man chuckled and continued to work on her shoulders brushing her braided hair to one side. “Nobody is, but Vaulk also knows what many don’t. When to stop and who’s to blame. If you screwed him over some how? Sure, he’d probably put a contract on your pretty little head. But you’re his favorite little Miraluka.”

“For now. But that’ll change eventually. Even I know it. We serve a mutual interest in one another. Nothing more and nothing less.” Caer murmured.

“You want it to be something more?” Surshan asked, not even pausing.

“Oh please, as if that would ever happen. Besides, you do not fall in love with a guy who pretty much could murder you at his whim. It’s bad business…and bad relationship practice. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows never to go for the bad boy. Bad boys generally tend to be the abusive type who kill their girlfriends or end up killed.” Caer couldn’t help but give a little groan as a particularly nasty knot was worked out from between her shoulder blades.

“So what do you want, then?” Surshen chuckled and dug deeper into the muscles on her shoulders.

“You would ask the million credit question.” Caer sighed or tried to; it was hard to do something like that  while on her belly with a man straddling her back. “I don’t know. I want to feel wanted by someone- and not for a few hours and a few credits, so you shut your mouth.”

Surshen laughed out loud on that and rolled off Caer, flopping onto the bed next to her. “Oh come on now, it’s not so bad. Especially once the lights are off.”

Caer rolled onto her own back, grabbing a pillow and covering her chest. “I’m a warrior. I respect what you guys do, but I just can’t do that. I’d get bored quickly. Besides I’m not going to quit my job as a Luka Sene just to bounce sheets all night long. I do get jobs from them sometimes and I can’t just give that up. Besides, I’m so stupidly picky as to who I let near me. Being one of the girls would end disastrously for me.”

The young man propped his head up with his arm and gave her a faint smile. “Totally can respect that.  It’s not an easy job and nobody really wants it. It’s one of those things that you fall into.”

“Do you think he’d actually want me here permanent like?” Caer lifted her head and turned to ‘look’ at Surshen. “I know me being here once in a while works but I’m not sure how he’d feel if I suddenly decided I was going to take up residence.”

Surshen grunted a little as he sat up. “Who knows.  All you can do is ask. Hell, if you want try to make it sound like it was his idea.”

Caer threw the pillow at the mans back and rolled to put her shirt back on. “Sure, because you know I’m totally capable of that.”

“Sure you can. It’s not like you’re incapable of talking to him. I’m pretty sure you two have some pretty good conversations and do a little more than bang each others brains out.” Surshen chuckled lightly and got to his head, heading for the door. “Boss should be back soon. I got to get to work.”

Caer waved him off and then sighed flopping back onto the bed. She rested an arm over her face and fell into a sleep as she waited for Vaulk.


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