And the walls kept tumbling down…

Caer rolled her shoulders and pinched her nose. The pain just seemed to settle right behind her left temple, taking up residence and comfortable with the location. It hadn’t gone away in over two weeks. Not since the whole mess with Xaishen and Raiyden had started. Not since that damn nightmare that sent her sprawling to the floor.

She watched the monastery from her little location up on the rock wall. Most everyone was likely asleep or burning the midnight oil in whatever endeavors they pursued in the witching hour. Goddess knew she should be asleep; but she hated sleeping. It meant dreaming and dreaming meant seeing things she was not necessarily comfortable with.

Dreams had always troubled her. Ever since she’d been a child, she’d had problems with dreaming such vivid dreams that they had terrified her at first, then merely frightened her and now… now she was just resigned to the fact that she had such nightmares that even Kaeden had tried to help her. Even Raiyden didn’t always know how to handle her dreams and he’d felt so helpless to give her some relief from them.

A snap of twigs and branches brought her whirling to face whatever was coming and her stance only relaxed when she realized it was Xaishen stepping through the tree line. She gave him a sour expression and Xaishen gave a weak smile in response.

“I see you cannot sleep as well.” Xaishen brushed hair from his face as he approached to stand next to her.

“No shit, Hurlock.” Caer retorted, feeling slightly annoyed that he’d disrupted her thoughts.

Xaishen gave an indelicate snort and let the snarky comment roll off his shoulders. “What is it you watch over? The monastery is the safest place we could be in.”

“No place is safe, Xaishen. If even Tython can get turned on its face with its ass in the air to get screwed by the Sith… no place is safe.” Caer took a seat on the rocks and dropped her leg to swing over the ledge.

“Oh Caer, never lose that delicate verbal touch of yours.” Xaishen smirked, his tone dry. “How you never made it into politics is so beyond me.”

“Keep it up Xaishen and I’ll chuck your ass off this ledge. Why are you even up here anyways?” Caer canted her head to the side, the Miraluka equivalent of a glance. She noted that the Pureblood didn’t look particularly well rested either and unsettled her immensely. He always- to her at least- looked well rested and fresh, no matter the circumstance.

“I like you my dear heart cannot sleep. I fear we both worry about the same things but in our own different ways. “ He glanced to Caer and sighed. “I am sorry, Caer. I really am.”

She turned to face him fully and was silent for a long moment. “For what Xaishen? For coming into my brother’s life? For giving him a happiness he’d have likely never known otherwise? Being a father and a husband to his kids, my nephews?  Yeah a hearty fuck you for making my brother so stupidly happy that he can barely function. Whatever shall I do for revenge? Asshole.”

Xaishen blinked a few times and then pursed his lips. He exhaled through his nose and looked away. “Since you put it that way. But you know what I mean Caer. Stop dancing around the issue. You and our family are in very real danger. It’s because of my brother that it is so. I knew I should have murdered him in his sleep when I had the chance.”

“Yeah it would have accomplished a lot of things. But would you have met my family if that had been the case? Doubtful. You’d have been made the new heir to your shitty family.” Caer shook her head and exhaled slowly. “Look, Xaishen it is what it is. You can’t change it. All we can do right now is stop it before it gets too nasty. Wish in one hand shit in the other, see which gets fullest faster.”

“Ever again Caer, so eloquent.” Xaishen arched a brow ridge at her and shook his own head. “You know you swear more when you’re stressed.”

“… Can I set you on fire now?” She retorted, though a smirk played at her lips.

Xaishen chuckled and waved her off. “Not yet dear. So much left to do. Such as sleep, I think our little chat has bored me enough to lull me into a doze.”

“Suck a dick Xai..suck a dick.” Caer grunted.

He said nothing though she was sure a half a billion retorts came to his mind. He merely half bowed and wandered off through the bushes and trees again to wherever it was he and Raiyden called home.

Sighing heavily she turned her gaze back towards the area of the monastery and rested her chin on her knee.  Her thoughts turned towards more recent matters. Ones that had seemed to have developed overnight.

The first being her sour and unfriendly mood towards Jallira. She’d instantly regretted saying that Jallira wasn’t worth killing. That had been one of the cruelest things she’d ever said and her cheeks burned with shame and embarrassment as she thought about it. She had refused to apologize though- not because that she felt that she didn’t need to but because she didn’t want Raiyden or anyone else thinking that they could tell her what to do. Especially Raiyden who always had a habit of acting like a poncy git whenever he felt like it. She would apologize in her own time, and she had.  Rather ridiculously but she had. It was why she hadn’t bothered fighting back when Mae had dragged her off her mount and shook her like a rag doll.

Then there was the new/old comer. Sheenah.  She apparently was an old Marran member returning to the fold and had been placed in her and Jaidins care by order of the Archon and Alasha. It confused her to no end as to how anyone could trust her with a loaf of bread let alone someone’s reintroduction back into the Marran.

They’d talked tonight and Caer had gotten a glimpse into what she would possibly need to deal with. From what Caer could tell, the woman had bonded with a Sith who apparently was Dark Side. Caer half wondered about manipulation and worried if she might have to deal with some sort of dark side influence on the womans behalf. Caer wanted to meet this supposed Sith, to find out more about the man who was bonded to Sheenah. It worried her as to what she would find.

Caer got to her feet and stretched. Dawn would come soon and she’d need to get some sleep at least before dealing with whatever catapult of crap would be flung her way. Yawning and rubbing at her face she made her way to her sleeping quarters, booting Noodle her Tiglon in the butt to wake him up to follow. The cat yawned and did follow obediently.


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