After a hectic month things seemed to have finally settled for the time being.

My brother is calmer now knowing that Xaishen is out of danger from this illness he contracted while helping the Marran.  It was touch and go for a while. This bioweapon illness caused him to get sick and basically fall into a coma. He’s better now, but it was a nightmare for my brother. I don’t think he honestly slept through the whole thing and it took almost sheer force to get him to rest when made to.

I think a good thing through this was Jallira. She did everything she could to help and I think if it wasn’t for the fact that Jallira and Raiyden get along so well, Raiyden would have been an even bigger mess. She’s good for Raiyden; I can see that. They have so much in common and they can talk for hours it seems. Raiyden seems more social and willing to chat with people now. I really do think she’s a great influence on Raiyden.

Tom signed on to the group as well. After helping us get Jallira back from being kidnapped and I helped throw in my recommendation, Alasha and Ihlrath went ahead and signed him on. He’s been nice to have around again, I admit. A familiar face and a solid presence.

Everyone else has been… well good. The group is so large and everyone does their own thing that I don’t see people very often. Nia and her fiancee finally tied the knot and I believe are off on a honey moon. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and I was happy to see her look so radiant.

I’ve learned so much about the different species that seem to weave their way in and out of the Marran like so much fabric in a tapestry. It’s rich and colorful. The chiss fascinate me quite a bit, I’ve never met one before the Marran and I find them completely fascinating.

However…the Garhoon… I’m not sure where to begin. I mean I trust Ihlrath, I honestly do, but his aura? It’s not like anything I’ve seen before and I admit, a wariness wells up in me when I am around him. I think it’s just a defense mechanism I didn’t recognize in myself before now. I’ve always had trouble around men who were more powerful than I am.

Now there is this.. Ther’ak man who apparently is here to help the group with this… virus thing that’s going on. To be honest I’m trying hard to figure out what’s going on. Either way, I’m interested in seeing what happens. Interested in seeing how far things go.

I think my … performance with the Marran is going well. I’ve been told I’ve been doing well and that I’ve been minimal trouble. Kind of makes me wonder what kind of people these guys have had to deal with in the past. I mean I’m not a trouble maker, but I’m always amused and a little concerned when Nyomii or Alasha say the reason they like me is because I listen.  Some part of me wonders if they’re just genuinely happy that I can follow orders or if they want  blind followers- Though I doubt that…