Who will tell the story of your life?

In the end
As you fade into the night
Who will tell the story of your life?

They had ran through the halls, the creature chasing them. Caer couldn’t remember the last time they’d actually slept or eaten a good solid meal. She also couldn’t remember at that point and time what it felt like to have the sun or the rain on her face. She prodded her friends on as the creature they’d been forced to face hunted them through abandoned hallways.

Terror, sheer terror had greeted them the day they had awoken to find that their quarry was nothing more than a crazed Sith ghost. The journals they had found in three of the four rooms had revealed so much, so much that should have sent them packing out of the temple.  They had been written by a Jedi Master named Arnak and a Bothan Knight named Esk’rey.  Who had been trapped for centuries fighting a ghost who had gone mad with power.

We received a new Jedi Master today after our other Master had fallen ill with a local illness. He passed away over a month ago and it seems as if we were to never get one. There was even talk of sending us back to the temple on Coruscant. But we received word that our new Master will be arriving today. Many of the Knights and Padawans are relieved as our research is extremely important.

 Our new master is Master Jedi Wiles. He is an elderly looking Human with grey hair but a very straight form. He seems kindly and obviously knows what he’s doing. We met him during a break in our research today. I found him to be very attentive but his gaze was a tad unsettling, he says he’s dedicated to helping us achieve our goals and wishes to see our research complete.

 Four padawans are missing but Master Wiles doesn’t seem too concerned about it, if anything he said that the construction of the temples corners need to be complete. Several of us are concerned about his apparent lack of concern but there’s not much we can do. A couple knights went to the city port to see if maybe they ran- it’s kind of common that some Padawans can’t cut it and run away. Most times they return but sometimes they don’t.  – The knights returned, there is no sign of the missing padawans.

 People are falling ill, many are dying and there is no rhyme or reason for it. The children are the first to go and now adults are falling ill. Master Wiles has sent some of our healers out but they return exhausted and unable to fathom a reason.  Master Wiles is acting oddly, almost obsessed with the four “posts” as he calls them of the temple. They were complete some months ago but he now has some of our other members here working day and night to … do something with them. They won’t speak of it and have been secluded from the rest of us.

Bodies..so many bodies and they smell. I can’t escape it. They’re stacked in the hallway. Jedi Knight Arnak and I have hidden ourselves in one of the store rooms and we set a distress signal; we pray that it got out in time. Wiles was not as he seemed. He’s a Sith Lord and a powerful one powerful enough to hide his true intent to us and many others. He’s killed them all. Poisoned all of the food, they all died in horrible ways, bleeding out as they stood there, their leggings and shirts soaking with blood as it just… fell out of their orifices. Even the young ones were not spared. Their screams still echo in the hallways and dormitories. Master Arnak is grim but determined to purge our temple and bring it back to what it was.

Born a saint
Though with every sin I still wanna be holy
I will live again
Who we are
Isn’t how we live we are more than our bodies
If I fall I will rise back up and relive my glory.

Those journals had revealed so much and the ghosts of Arnak and Esk’rey had both divulged so much more. That they’d needed a third guardian to help them keep Wiles in check. He couldn’t be destroyed, he was tied to the temple and the temple was the only thing keeping him from being freed; as long as there were others of the Light to keep him from escaping.

So Lucien had volunteered to sacrifice his own life to be that third guardian to keep Wiles from escaping a dying planet and out into the galaxy to wreak havoc. Caer would never forget the look on his face as he’d fallen into the pit of blood, going under even as Wiles attempted to choke and beat the life out of every single one of them. Dyme and Kheniath firing wildly at force controlled ropes of blood, Raiyden falling beneath a mental onslaught, Neirov being besieged by malevolent spirits. Caer herself falling beneath an attack of her own, where saber or blade would do no good.

It had been Lucien, the force ghosts Arnak and Esk’rey who had ultimately saved them. Lucien dying to become the guardian and help guide them back out. She remembered telling- no- commanding him to come with them, that the mission was a loss. He had pulled rank on her and he had told her to go. As the senior member of the Seekers he had that right.  Her heart hammering in her chest as she’d tripped over dead bodies laying in the halls. The illusion of Wiles broken, revealing a hellish nightmare for them to wade through.

The last thing she’d seen of Lucien was his sure smile and a half-cocked salute. After that she’d turned and they had all fled to the Starport, without stopping. Covered in the blood of innocents, ash and bone dust they had made a harrowing trek back to their ships and had launched as soon as ships were warm enough to take off.

In the end
As my soul’s laid to rest
What is left of my body
Or am I just a shell?
And I have fought
And with flesh and blood I commanded an army
Through it all I have given my home for a moment of glory
(I gave it all)

As they had lifted up into the air, Caer had seen the three beams of light over the temple. Arnaks, Esk’reys and the now deceased Luciens light.

She didn’t even have the energy to cry. She’d turned her ship and had gone into hyper space as soon as she was clear of the planets gravity well.  With that she’d stripped her unconscious brother of his bloodied clothing, stripped herself down, bathed and redressed them both and collapsed into bed to sleep off the waking nightmare.

She’d have to go and tell Luciens father with Arten that his son died protecting people he owed absolutely no allegiance to. Caer had lost yet another master and that hurt more than anything in the galaxy right now.

In the end
As you fade into the night (oh whoa oh oh)
Who will tell the story of your life (oh whoa oh oh)
And who will remember your last goodbye (oh whoa oh oh)
Cause it’s the end and I’m not afraid
I’m not afraid to die

Who will remember this last goodbye (oh whoa oh oh)
Cause it’s the end and I’m not afraid
I’m not afraid to die



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