Don’t let the Dark into me.

Darkened hallways stretched out before her, the guttering light in the archaic sconces flickered giving the halls a chaotic and strobe light effect. Her feet stepped lightly over the dust covered floor yet when she looked behind her, no trace of a foot fall could be found. The walls hung thick with moss and lichen and in the distance the echoing drip, drip drip of water could be heard. Her body shivered at the cold that wasn’t entirely natural curled around her body like the fog that seemed to wend its way through the halls.

One foot before the other and she passed doorway after door way, each one closed to her, hiding whatever lay behind them. Some part of her recoiled as if knowing what each room held. Some part of her mind telling her not to open those doors. Never, ever open those doors. They would let out secrets that were best left locked away.

The lights flickered, the woman paused. The only sound she could hear was her breathing and the steadily rising pounding of her heart beat counter pointed by the continual dripping of water in the distance.  Her fingers stretched out before her, as if reaching towards that sound as if her very hand would guide her to where she needed to go.  Her lips dry, she spoke with a watery voice names that were unfamiliar to her. “Arshal? Rollun? Tooru?”

The lights went out, plunging the world into total darkness yet this did not seem to deter the woman as she stood in the central area where the hall split off into four different directions.  Each direction holding more doors, more mysteries and more secrets. Swallowing back fear, she pressed onward and down a hall where the dripping sound seemed to be emanating from. Hopeful that somebody, anybody would be down there she followed the sounds and the hope that spurred her on.

There! A spark of life, this was the furthest she’d been since she began this journey. No wait… was it a journey? She couldn’t remember… all she recalled was that everything seemed like it’d always been this way. Somehow she’d never been able to find the door, she’d never been able to see any light, certainly not any natural light.

How long had she fumbled in this darkness?

Her feet faltered and she stood there, staring at them dully;  suddenly painfully aware just how tired and hungry she was. Suddenly it crashed down on her that she was so very very tired and sore and heart sick.  Her head bowed and she touched her chest with her chin, a thin trail of a sigh escaping her lips as she stood there, taking stock of all she understood. It wasn’t much.

The door suddenly seemed there, before her, looming and welcoming at the same time. The carvings around the frame of the door seemed to scream both a welcome and a warning at the same time.  In her mind it was as if one hand was beckoning her forward while yet another seemed to warn her away, telling her to stop come no further.

Whispers promised her sleep, all encompassing sleep. “Come child, rest. It’s what you seek is it not?”

Yes… she was so very very tired.

“Then step inside.”

The girl did and she screamed.

I’ve been waiting here
Waiting for faith
And the word to fall.
Now the darkness comes
And Ill pray for
The end of us all.

Caer jerked away, fighting with the covers of the plush bed comforter that felt like was threatening to drown her. She gave a keening scream as she fought back the urge to fling herself to the floor and roll into a battle stance. The only reason she hadn’t was the damn comforter had tangled her up. Gasping for air, she used the sight of the Force to take stock of her surroundings.

“Alderaan. I’m on Alderaan. I’m in the Trinset house that belongs to Kheniaths family. I’m okay. I’m okay…” She panted and shakily slid down off the bed and onto the cold floor wrapping her arms around her chest and resting her head on her knees as she wedged herself into a corner. Taking a shuddering breath, she tried to push the nightmare away not wanting to think about it for the time being. It was still too dark for her to think about that dream; still too late in the night when everything from nightmares still felt like they could manifest into reality.

Inhaling deeply she lifted her head and forced herself to calm down and draw upon the faith that kept her strong. Falling into meditations she allowed herself to be comforted at the thought that the sun would rise soon.



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