Home again, home again.

<Personal journal of Caer Estherian>


Arten is a mystery to me even after all this time. I find myself at a loss as to how to train someone who seems to  have an odd grasp of the Force. I have no idea what his previous masters taught him and he seems exceedingly reluctant to speak with anyone about his former life. I confess, sometimes I wonder if he had any training at all. Tomuraan says that he feels that Arten was neglected by everyone around him. I have to agree, I feel a bit angry towards the Order for the way they kept ignoring the boy as if he wasn’t their problem anymore.

I’ll never forget the look on Shans face when I confronted them about how they had ignored Arten. How much I felt they had neglected a kid and overlooked his training and how I felt it was selfish of them.  The look on Kaedens face and Shans face when I said I’d train the kid because nobody else would.

He’s come a long way since I had first met him on Nar Shaddaa, or was it Tython? I can’t quite remember when or where exactly I met him but I recall that he seemed so lost and for a while I even had trouble taking him seriously. I thought he was a kid pretending to be a padawan so people would leave him alone.

He’s come so far and I’m really proud of him though.  He’s mostly stopped wandering into clumps of Sith and asking if they’d like to join the light side and I think that the crew has done a good job in teaching him what they can.  He’ll be a true Knight I think; he’s got a heart for others where many Jedi have become jaded. I think that he’s got the potential to actually be on the council if he ever wanted it. I have never seen a boy or a man with a heart like his that is so devoted to the Jedi Code and the Order and he does not waver.

He just needs to to learn how to whup butt. That’s all. Once he’s got it down that sometimes combat is necessary over talking, he’ll be good to go.

This trip to Alpheridies is going to be nerve wracking. It’s already stomach churning inducing and I find myself unable to sleep, hence why I write this journal.  I sent word to Master Sharise we were coming and of course when she wrote back “Bring that green guy who you’ve been avoiding telling me about! If you don’t I’ll send you packing with throwing knives aimed for your backside!”  She also wrote to tell me that she also wanted to look at my leg and see if any permanent damage had been done that might interfere with my training.  Raiyden said I should be okay, but… well Sharise and I still worry.

No, what I do not look forward to is meeting my parents. I never cared to really meet them before. They gave us to the Order it should have been left at that. I know Raiyden is nervous as well and angry. All this mess with Kosruk has put us both on edge and feeling slightly embittered towards our parents. They’ve not written us at all which leaves us to wonder if we’re going to be facing a potential explosive situation at home.  We really don’t know what we’ll be facing when we get to our home world and it’s been rumored that we have a rather extensive family.

We’ll see when we get there, I suppose. I just know I’m not sure if I’m ready to face my parents quite yet and I don’t know what I plan on saying. I know Raiyden wants to say a lot and I’m half afraid that his temper will be in control. When he gets mad, he lets the world know it; as an empath it’s kind of hard not to tell when he’s mad.

Tom will be there for Neirov, especially when Neirov goes before our council to speak to them about Kosruk and his knowledge of her. I’m not sure how Neirov feels about it, I’m going to assume he’s afraid or at least nervous. Arten and even Xaishen will be there. We’re supposed to be on Alpheridies for a week.

I just hope this doesn’t turn into a speeder wreck. I still need to finish packing and make sure Raiyden doesn’t over pack. He’s so bad at that.


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