Cold Cruel Harsh Reality

Caer’s body was a ball of fire and ice, simultaneous feeling like she’d been burned inside and out and then dipped in a salt lake on Hoth. Her breath was ragged and it felt like no matter how hard she tried to inhale deep, her lungs would not permit it.  Her leg screamed white hot pain and her side followed it with a chorus of pain of its own.

Caer had grown tired of seeing her crew torn apart by one womans actions- no that wasn’t fair- by hers and Neirovs actions and she’d sought the Miraluka relative out. Caer had gone to find the woman, angry and wanting her to put an end to this. She had challenged Kosruk and had lost, the fight lasting no more than several minutes; no epic thirty minute fight to the death, no long winded monologues. Just fast and dirty fighting. Caer had found out rapidly that things were not as they seemed.

The Seeker Caer had tracked her to Quesh, a disgusting pit of a planet, a festering wound in the galaxy. It only figured that Kosruk would have set up there and not on Dromund Kaas like she’d told Neirov.   Caer had gotten the information from a Luka Sene contact that had been keeping an ‘eye’ on Kosruk.

“I warned him what would happen.” Kosruks voice had cut through a haze of pain. “My masters will be less than pleased and I truly did not wish to kill you.”

Caer sat propped up against the wall where the woman who looked just like her had carried her. She felt the bones grind in her leg as Kosruk adjusted her so that she was semi-comfortable. She could taste the coppery blood in her mouth and she had to fight the urge not to throw up, fighting the waves of pain. Kosruk clipped her sabers back to her hips and stared down at the Miraluka woman who looked so much like her.

She seemed to examine the woman through the force. “You honestly believed you could take me in a one on one fight and win? You’re stupider than Neirov indicated.”

Caer coughed and then gasped as the wound in her side screamed at the jostling it took. The fight had been brutal and short- brutally short if truth be told. Kosruk had Caer down in a suprising short amount of time, having successfully broken Caers leg in no less than four places before the woman had any idea what had happened.

Kosruk had not been without her injuries. Caer had managed to land a few blows of her own, causing deep scoring on the womans side as well as giving her a nasty bruise and a couple cracked ribs.

Tom and Arten had found her, Raiyden and Neirov coming in behind. She’d been blissfully unaware of their presence until Tom had spoken in her mind. She had been relieved that they had found her.

Caer woke on a ship, she wasn’t entirely sure that the ship was hers or if it was Toms or Raiydens. She could hear Xaishen and Raiyden speaking softly about healing and pain killing options, Raiyden letting Xaishen know that Caer had a natural resistance to drugs in general as well as pain killers.  She’d sensed Toms and Artens worry as well as Neirovs brooding presence.

She had slipped back into unconsciousness after that.

Caer had no idea what she could expect when or if she woke.


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