Hate is like a ghost.

The ship was empty and she preferred it that way.  There was nothing to disturb her and as she fell into meditations she thought about all she’d gone through the past few days. Her ‘ secret wedding’ to Tomuraan had been one of the biggest shocks of her life, but one that she welcomed in the end. Her love for Tom over powered any negativity she’d felt towards the surprise.

Their trip back from Mirial had been somewhat quiet and subdued, Dyme and Neirov having gone their own way something about needing to do some deliveries and Neirov wanting to spend time with Dyme. Caer and Raiyden had gone their way after Raiyden had parted ways with them to meet up with Xaishen.

Caer suppressed the rage inside of her as she thought about the evenings conversation.

“You have a sister Caer.” Neirovs voice had been soft and subdued. He had stared at the floor like a shamed child. 

Caer had thought he was joking at first. But he had shaken his head and told her “No, her name is Kos’ruk and she is yours and Raiydens younger sister. She’s being hunted by the Luka Sene.”

“How do you know she’s our sister, Neirov?” Caer had waited tensely for his reasoning.

“She looks just like you.” His voice was steady though she sensed he was scared and trying hard not to flee.

“How long, how long have you known? How long have you kept this from us?” Caer’s voice had taken on a dangerous tone. Her fists curling up at her sides. 

“Several weeks,” had been his answer. 

She told him to leave before she killed him.  He had wisely left leaving only with a murmured apology before the door to the ship had sealed shut, leaving her with her sense of betrayal and rage.

Fear is like a tree
That grows inside of me silently
And you could be my blood
And be a part of me secretly

Her mind spun as she considered all she’d learned all the things he had kept from them. After his promise, after the promise he’d never hold anything back.  The sensations Caer and Raiyden had both felt through their link with Neirov they had just assumed it was him getting to know Dyme.

He had been with the dark side Miraluka who claimed herself as their sister not only physically but intimately and that part made her shudder with revulsion.  She looked like Caer? What did that mean for them? What could it all possibly mean for any of them?

Caers body trembled even as she tried to will herself to calm down, to be at peace. She found the exercise more difficult than usual.

She gasped as she felt a tug at her consciousness and opened her senses to find herself face to face with a mirror image of her.  The force-scape around her was blank, rocky floor below her feet, a dark sky above her and nothing in between for any direction.

The woman across from her was taller, thickly built. The body of a heavy fighter, the scars on the others body didn’t match her own and there were definite differences of this other woman.  Two sabers adorned her wider hips, her breasts slightly larger and her jaw wider. She ‘gazed’ down at her while Caer looked upward.

“Hello big sister.” The voice was deeper, richer and had an accent accustomed to years of speaking the Miraluka language.

Open my eyes, let me see you
And blow this blinding darkness away
Open my eyes, let me find you
Give me a sign

Hate is like a ghost
That lives inside of me, I plead
For you to be my guide
To be the feeder of my need

Caer squared her shoulders and said nothing, she knew that this woman was an enemy to her people and to the galaxy at large. She had no desire to save this woman.

Kosruk laughed softly as the smaller version of her drew the saber. “So quick to temper little one. To think my- our parents spouted nothing but platitudes about you and your sniveling little womb mate. How proud, how strong and how wonderful you all were. How much good you would do the galaxy and to the Luka Sene.”

The loathing in the womans voice, the vehemence of the others words drove Caer back a step. Kosruk laughed and advanced forward a step. “Neirov was right, you do look a lot like me.  Perhaps that’s why he had no problem getting between my legs, hmm?”

Caer flinched. She sensed the stirring power in the woman and snarled softly. “You used him.”

“No, my dear. He’s using you. Using you, your – our dear sweet brother and most of all he’s using everyone else around him.” The other Miraluka advanced another step and drew her twin sabers.

Open my eyes, let me see you
And blow this blinding darkness away
Open my eyes, let me find you
Give me a sign

Take my world and fold me in
Free the soul behind the sin
The endless dark will be the death of my senses

Take my heart and hold it in
Kill the beast under my skin
The endless dark will be the death of my senses

Caer jerked her head upwards as she pulled her own saber and ignited it. The strikes came quickly and without mercy. Kosruks attacks laden down with the weight of hatred and years of fighting with the use of the dark side behind each strike. Caer was driven back step by step. A leg sweep had driven her to her knees.

Their sabers locked on one another, the two stared each other in the face through the force.  “He’s been using you all this time…”

A third presence interrupted them, Caer grinned, Kosruk hissed. Kosruk jerked back using the pressure between the sabers to drive her back into the darkness.

“Caer?” Came the voice of her brother. “Caer are you alright?”
Caer opened her senses and exhaled slowly, she nodded and rose to her feet, back in the waking world.

“I sensed your anger and fear… I came as soon as I could. What is going on?” Raiydens face was pinched with worry.

Caer shook her head and just wrapped her arms around her brother completely unsure if what she’d just experienced was a dream…or something else.  Perplexed and more than slightly worried, he held his sister.


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