You are the light that’s leading me

Find me here, speak to me
I want to feel you, I need to hear you
You are the light that’s leading me
To the place where I find peace again

Caer stood in the cold night and tilted her head up.  The moonlight from Mirials resident moon struck her, casting silver highlights in her white hair. Her body swaddled in thick furs and her own clothing. She listened to the sounds around her,  her ‘eyes’ closed to the force. Her breath came in slow puffs, white and smoky against the black night.  Only a slight breeze teased her face, frigid and nipping at her cheeks and nose, her hair moving only slightly, as if teased by a lovers hand.

The trip had been a success, Caer knew that they were welcome here and despite initial reservations the Cathe Clan had opened up their home, their heart and their arms to the Estherians and Neirov.  Caer had never felt so welcome among anywhere, it had genuinely felt like coming home and secretly she hoped that her own family would welcome her with the same openness and willingness the Cathes had. Deep down she hoped when the day came for her to face her own parents they would be happy to welcome her and her family with open arms.

The wind picked up and the sound of sand brushing against the buildings was like whispers of the world around her teasing her ears. She opened up her senses to the world around her, sensing the sleeping and drowsy souls of those around her, inside the house and beyond. Those who had attended the party just a few hours ago were sleeping off their celebratory imbibing of alcohol and food.

Caer’s group had celebrated their successful hunt of the native species and had even succeeded in coming back with a couple kills under their belts. Tom and Caer had loved every second of it, Neirov learning so much of his native species and Raiyden absorbing everything he could from the trip.  The day had turned to night and Caer and Tom had sat in the warm house, close and comfortable.

Good feelings.

You are the strength that keeps me walking
You are the hope that keeps me trusting
You are the light to my soul
You are my purpose, You’re everything


The party the next day had been met with an eagerness and even as she thought about it, a smile played upon her lips very gently, hundreds of people had shown up to celebrate and give congratulations. Neirov and Dyme sitting side by side, so close. Caer was happy for them and secretly accepted that Neirov had moved on. Caer was happy to see it and happier to be allowed to share in their closeness.

Her and Tom had sat side by side with Raiyden sitting next to Caer. They had been guests of honor for their hunt and had been congratulated profusely by the group. All of them polite and on their best behavior. The food and drink had been delicious, the traditional dancing even more so.  So it was with surprise when an apparent Elder of the village they were in appeared and began speaking, encouraging Caer and Tom to come to him. Both of them had risen with some hesitation and no little amount of confusion.

The Mirialan spoke in his native language and Toms father, Vergus had translated. If not him, then Dyme or Tom.  Caer recalled the words and the way the Elder had taken their hands and held them together.

The Elder had taken Tom and Caer’s hands and then placed them in each others.  Tom  continued translating despite looking very confused “It is because of Destiny that we are brought together.  Otherwise we might never encounter one another even on a planet as small as ours.  That such people meet in the wide galaxy, that is truly the blessing of Destiny.  So it is my honor to not only honor the blessing provided by the galaxy but also to encourage it in…

Tom suddenly stopped and  for the first time that any of them would ever ever see…was at a loss for words and even paled a bit his normally emerald colored skin going a lighter shade.

 Dyme, glancing to Caer and then back to Tom after he’d stopped picked up after a moment,  continued to translate, “…joining your hands together as your souls join together.  It is a blessing whenever two family’s can become one, and so I honor this joining.  Witht he blessing of your parents I prounce you two one and the same.” 

Caer had fainted, the shock of the mans words as well as the reverberating emotions she felt through the bond of Tom as well as Raiyden had been too much for her own system to deal with on top of her own. Her blood had ran cold and then hot, alternating between hell and Hoth.  A fairly traditional Mirialan wedding had been sprung upon them.  She’d only woken when Raiydens quick thinking had splashed cold water on her as Neirov and Tom had hauled her to another room with a worried Cathe Clan following.  She’d woken up to Toms reaction, it had been… no more than she’d expected.

Looking to Caer he had spread his hands out to her imploringly, “I had nothing to do with this!”

Tom then swiveled on his actual family, his features unreadable to Caer. ” What did you all do! I didn’t ask for this!”

She’d never seen Tom act like that. He’d lost it and it had surprised her. But it was understandable. The implications that all this could have had left her heart cold and a shiver of fear running down her spine and a cold lump of fear to quickly take up residence in her stomach.

One word to the Order… one whisper… everything would come undone.

Quick explanations had not done much to placate the high tide of emotions, though it did at least stem the flow of rage that both of them had initially felt. Mrs Cathe quickly explaining that it didn’t have to be known, the ‘marriage’ of the two by Mirialan standards would never get back to the Order. That on Mirial they would be welcome as a husband and wife, that Caer would be welcome as well as the rest of her own family.  She had apologized profusely with Vergus nodding. Dyme had even looked cowed by the two, the woman had known what had been planned without their knowledge.

The party had resumed with a more subdued Neirov, Raiyden, Dyme and of course Caer and Tomuraan.

Tom and Caer had made a decent show of it, kissing openly to the cheers of the crowd who had been worried that something was wrong when Caer had fainted.  Slipping her hand to his, Caer had felt confused and terrified at this new status.

How can I stand here with You and not be moved by You?
Would You tell me, how could it be any better than this?
And how can I stand here with You and not be moved by You?
Would You tell me, how could it be any better than this?

Caer shivered in the cold night air. The whispers of the sand across the ground, the embrace of the wind around her left her feeling calm and at peace. The silence helping her find her balance.

She loved Tomuraan. There was no denying that, the bond they shared was so deeply entrenched that she knew there would be no severing such a bond. What they had was deeper than most shared, that the surprise ceremony was merely superficial compared to the bond that they already shared. No words, no piece of paper… nothing could ever be better than what they already shared.  Her cheeks warmed as she thought about just how much she cared for the Mirialan Jedi, how much she could never show him just how much physically or mentally. Some part of her denied herself that.

But she knew that no matter how much she tried to deny how much she loved him, how much she would do anything to keep him safe and at her side, she would have to keep it all a secret. For her safety, for the safety of their family and ultimately for his safety.

‘Cause You’re all I want, You’re all I need
You’re everything, everything
You’re all I want, You’re all I need
You’re everything, everything

How can I stand here with You and not be moved by You?
Would You tell me, how could it be any better than this?
Would You tell me, how could it be any better than this?


Opening her ‘eyes’ she stared up at the moon and smiled faintly, she felt warm arms slide around her slender form, a chin resting on her head. His presence enveloped her like a welcome and badly needed blanket. She sighed in contentment and the smile that crossed her lips was genuine and warm. She brought her arms up to hold onto the arms that held her, the Miralukas back leaning against the warm and powerful chest of the man who held her.

The Miraluka and the Mirialan watched the moon for a long time before heading inside to warm one another up in the comfort of a welcoming bed.


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