Dance baby dance like the world is ending.

It was one of the rare moments of solitude she’d been granted. Arten off meditating, Tomuraan preparing for a trip with his padawan and Raiyden had left early in the evening to spend time with Xaishen.

So she was alone. She was in the practice room of her ship and the music played softly from the intercom system.

Her body was on the floor, legs folded beneath her,  kneeling on the floor, head bowed. She kept her hands in her lap as she focused on breathing, slow and steady her heart a steady beat inside her chest with each rise and fall of breath.The loose fitting outfit she wore ensured that she could move quickly and easily, but she would not tangle herself up in her own clothing.  The face wrap was of the same dyed cloth, bound tightly around her face.

The steel-like blade sat in front of her, the edge of  it wicked sharp and she knew that Raiyden would likely not be pleased if he learned she was using live steel in a dance. But he wasn’t there to admonish her. The sword was of Miraluka make and had been given to her from her Master when the woman had learned she understood at least some of the traditional dances of their people.  It was a wickedly curved blade with Miralukan designs inlaid in a blue-looking metal along the flat of the blade on bot sides, two holes on each end were ensured that when spun quickly would create a eerie whistling howling sound meant to unnerve enemies. The grip was made of a type of leather from one of the local animals of Alpheridies, the texture was slightly rough, meant for a good solid grip.

“You dance well enough to be a sword dancer Caer. So I’m giving this to you.” The thin whip cord muscled woman grinned at her, her outfit of leather, buckles and chains clinked softly. Master Sharise patted Caers shoulder. “Sister, we will see you dance at the next holiday festival and you’ll be the best if I have my way about it.”

Caer steepled her fingers before her, the first and middle finger rigid and upward pointing while the ring and pinky finger were bent towards the palm of her hands, her thumbs pointed towards her as they touched.  The tempo of the song picked up and she counted the beats; one, two, three, four.

Her hand snapped out and grabbed the blade, her fingers of her right hand, sliding along the floor and then curling up around the grip. She raised the blade to the air with both hands as the music calmed for a moment, her body swaying to the sound. The muscles in her belly and chest tensed and relaxed as she moved, her leg muscles tightening as she rose to her feet.

The next moves were nothing short of precision and speed. On her feet she spun around in a quick fluid motion, the blade whistling with that eerie howl/moaning sound filling the air, oddly setting a tone for the music. Caer now understood why the music worked well. Her feet shuffled and stomped, bringing up one leg then setting it down before doing the same with the other, all the while her arms spinning and weaving, the blade cutting close to her face and hair, her torso.  She spun around the room, the blade flashing in the ships light. All the while singing it’s own song. She ran the length of the practice room, the blade swinging side to side, using the wall to launch herself off of and then come to stand still.

She arched her back, her right arm bringing the blade down across and down he breasts to slide down her exposed belly, she let go of the blade and nearly bent in half backwards, the blade rested cold against her hot skin. She held the pose while the song paused, drum beats counting down until the melody struck up again. Once the melody picked up, her body undulated and the sword slide off and to her leg where when she straightened, she held it there, balancing before her hand grabbed it and she began anew, twirling her body faster and faster even as her hands traded the blade off, all the while spinning.

The howl rose to a scream.

The song rose to a crescendo with the howling sword until Caer dropped to the ground, legs parting in the splits.

The music stopped, the sword stilled, the woman holding it just so that her elbow was bent away from her body but her forearm was pointed flush with the upper arm in a sideways V shape. The blade pressed against her throat. The Miralukas  heart pounded and her lungs screamed for air; yet she did not move.

The final drum beat hung in the air and then tapered off. Only then did the sword withdraw from her body and she lowered it to the ground. Her legs strained with holding the splits for so long, but she maintained the pose. Only after she had a moment she brought her legs under her and rolled to her feet.

Exhausted, she bent and reverently picked up the sword and hung it back on the wall. Bowing her head she whispered a prayer to Ashla to bless the blade before heading off to the showers and an empty bed.


Hate is like a ghost.

The ship was empty and she preferred it that way.  There was nothing to disturb her and as she fell into meditations she thought about all she’d gone through the past few days. Her ‘ secret wedding’ to Tomuraan had been one of the biggest shocks of her life, but one that she welcomed in the end. Her love for Tom over powered any negativity she’d felt towards the surprise.

Their trip back from Mirial had been somewhat quiet and subdued, Dyme and Neirov having gone their own way something about needing to do some deliveries and Neirov wanting to spend time with Dyme. Caer and Raiyden had gone their way after Raiyden had parted ways with them to meet up with Xaishen.

Caer suppressed the rage inside of her as she thought about the evenings conversation.

“You have a sister Caer.” Neirovs voice had been soft and subdued. He had stared at the floor like a shamed child. 

Caer had thought he was joking at first. But he had shaken his head and told her “No, her name is Kos’ruk and she is yours and Raiydens younger sister. She’s being hunted by the Luka Sene.”

“How do you know she’s our sister, Neirov?” Caer had waited tensely for his reasoning.

“She looks just like you.” His voice was steady though she sensed he was scared and trying hard not to flee.

“How long, how long have you known? How long have you kept this from us?” Caer’s voice had taken on a dangerous tone. Her fists curling up at her sides. 

“Several weeks,” had been his answer. 

She told him to leave before she killed him.  He had wisely left leaving only with a murmured apology before the door to the ship had sealed shut, leaving her with her sense of betrayal and rage.

Fear is like a tree
That grows inside of me silently
And you could be my blood
And be a part of me secretly

Her mind spun as she considered all she’d learned all the things he had kept from them. After his promise, after the promise he’d never hold anything back.  The sensations Caer and Raiyden had both felt through their link with Neirov they had just assumed it was him getting to know Dyme.

He had been with the dark side Miraluka who claimed herself as their sister not only physically but intimately and that part made her shudder with revulsion.  She looked like Caer? What did that mean for them? What could it all possibly mean for any of them?

Caers body trembled even as she tried to will herself to calm down, to be at peace. She found the exercise more difficult than usual.

She gasped as she felt a tug at her consciousness and opened her senses to find herself face to face with a mirror image of her.  The force-scape around her was blank, rocky floor below her feet, a dark sky above her and nothing in between for any direction.

The woman across from her was taller, thickly built. The body of a heavy fighter, the scars on the others body didn’t match her own and there were definite differences of this other woman.  Two sabers adorned her wider hips, her breasts slightly larger and her jaw wider. She ‘gazed’ down at her while Caer looked upward.

“Hello big sister.” The voice was deeper, richer and had an accent accustomed to years of speaking the Miraluka language.

Open my eyes, let me see you
And blow this blinding darkness away
Open my eyes, let me find you
Give me a sign

Hate is like a ghost
That lives inside of me, I plead
For you to be my guide
To be the feeder of my need

Caer squared her shoulders and said nothing, she knew that this woman was an enemy to her people and to the galaxy at large. She had no desire to save this woman.

Kosruk laughed softly as the smaller version of her drew the saber. “So quick to temper little one. To think my- our parents spouted nothing but platitudes about you and your sniveling little womb mate. How proud, how strong and how wonderful you all were. How much good you would do the galaxy and to the Luka Sene.”

The loathing in the womans voice, the vehemence of the others words drove Caer back a step. Kosruk laughed and advanced forward a step. “Neirov was right, you do look a lot like me.  Perhaps that’s why he had no problem getting between my legs, hmm?”

Caer flinched. She sensed the stirring power in the woman and snarled softly. “You used him.”

“No, my dear. He’s using you. Using you, your – our dear sweet brother and most of all he’s using everyone else around him.” The other Miraluka advanced another step and drew her twin sabers.

Open my eyes, let me see you
And blow this blinding darkness away
Open my eyes, let me find you
Give me a sign

Take my world and fold me in
Free the soul behind the sin
The endless dark will be the death of my senses

Take my heart and hold it in
Kill the beast under my skin
The endless dark will be the death of my senses

Caer jerked her head upwards as she pulled her own saber and ignited it. The strikes came quickly and without mercy. Kosruks attacks laden down with the weight of hatred and years of fighting with the use of the dark side behind each strike. Caer was driven back step by step. A leg sweep had driven her to her knees.

Their sabers locked on one another, the two stared each other in the face through the force.  “He’s been using you all this time…”

A third presence interrupted them, Caer grinned, Kosruk hissed. Kosruk jerked back using the pressure between the sabers to drive her back into the darkness.

“Caer?” Came the voice of her brother. “Caer are you alright?”
Caer opened her senses and exhaled slowly, she nodded and rose to her feet, back in the waking world.

“I sensed your anger and fear… I came as soon as I could. What is going on?” Raiydens face was pinched with worry.

Caer shook her head and just wrapped her arms around her brother completely unsure if what she’d just experienced was a dream…or something else.  Perplexed and more than slightly worried, he held his sister.

You are the light that’s leading me

Find me here, speak to me
I want to feel you, I need to hear you
You are the light that’s leading me
To the place where I find peace again

Caer stood in the cold night and tilted her head up.  The moonlight from Mirials resident moon struck her, casting silver highlights in her white hair. Her body swaddled in thick furs and her own clothing. She listened to the sounds around her,  her ‘eyes’ closed to the force. Her breath came in slow puffs, white and smoky against the black night.  Only a slight breeze teased her face, frigid and nipping at her cheeks and nose, her hair moving only slightly, as if teased by a lovers hand.

The trip had been a success, Caer knew that they were welcome here and despite initial reservations the Cathe Clan had opened up their home, their heart and their arms to the Estherians and Neirov.  Caer had never felt so welcome among anywhere, it had genuinely felt like coming home and secretly she hoped that her own family would welcome her with the same openness and willingness the Cathes had. Deep down she hoped when the day came for her to face her own parents they would be happy to welcome her and her family with open arms.

The wind picked up and the sound of sand brushing against the buildings was like whispers of the world around her teasing her ears. She opened up her senses to the world around her, sensing the sleeping and drowsy souls of those around her, inside the house and beyond. Those who had attended the party just a few hours ago were sleeping off their celebratory imbibing of alcohol and food.

Caer’s group had celebrated their successful hunt of the native species and had even succeeded in coming back with a couple kills under their belts. Tom and Caer had loved every second of it, Neirov learning so much of his native species and Raiyden absorbing everything he could from the trip.  The day had turned to night and Caer and Tom had sat in the warm house, close and comfortable.

Good feelings.

You are the strength that keeps me walking
You are the hope that keeps me trusting
You are the light to my soul
You are my purpose, You’re everything


The party the next day had been met with an eagerness and even as she thought about it, a smile played upon her lips very gently, hundreds of people had shown up to celebrate and give congratulations. Neirov and Dyme sitting side by side, so close. Caer was happy for them and secretly accepted that Neirov had moved on. Caer was happy to see it and happier to be allowed to share in their closeness.

Her and Tom had sat side by side with Raiyden sitting next to Caer. They had been guests of honor for their hunt and had been congratulated profusely by the group. All of them polite and on their best behavior. The food and drink had been delicious, the traditional dancing even more so.  So it was with surprise when an apparent Elder of the village they were in appeared and began speaking, encouraging Caer and Tom to come to him. Both of them had risen with some hesitation and no little amount of confusion.

The Mirialan spoke in his native language and Toms father, Vergus had translated. If not him, then Dyme or Tom.  Caer recalled the words and the way the Elder had taken their hands and held them together.

The Elder had taken Tom and Caer’s hands and then placed them in each others.  Tom  continued translating despite looking very confused “It is because of Destiny that we are brought together.  Otherwise we might never encounter one another even on a planet as small as ours.  That such people meet in the wide galaxy, that is truly the blessing of Destiny.  So it is my honor to not only honor the blessing provided by the galaxy but also to encourage it in…

Tom suddenly stopped and  for the first time that any of them would ever ever see…was at a loss for words and even paled a bit his normally emerald colored skin going a lighter shade.

 Dyme, glancing to Caer and then back to Tom after he’d stopped picked up after a moment,  continued to translate, “…joining your hands together as your souls join together.  It is a blessing whenever two family’s can become one, and so I honor this joining.  Witht he blessing of your parents I prounce you two one and the same.” 

Caer had fainted, the shock of the mans words as well as the reverberating emotions she felt through the bond of Tom as well as Raiyden had been too much for her own system to deal with on top of her own. Her blood had ran cold and then hot, alternating between hell and Hoth.  A fairly traditional Mirialan wedding had been sprung upon them.  She’d only woken when Raiydens quick thinking had splashed cold water on her as Neirov and Tom had hauled her to another room with a worried Cathe Clan following.  She’d woken up to Toms reaction, it had been… no more than she’d expected.

Looking to Caer he had spread his hands out to her imploringly, “I had nothing to do with this!”

Tom then swiveled on his actual family, his features unreadable to Caer. ” What did you all do! I didn’t ask for this!”

She’d never seen Tom act like that. He’d lost it and it had surprised her. But it was understandable. The implications that all this could have had left her heart cold and a shiver of fear running down her spine and a cold lump of fear to quickly take up residence in her stomach.

One word to the Order… one whisper… everything would come undone.

Quick explanations had not done much to placate the high tide of emotions, though it did at least stem the flow of rage that both of them had initially felt. Mrs Cathe quickly explaining that it didn’t have to be known, the ‘marriage’ of the two by Mirialan standards would never get back to the Order. That on Mirial they would be welcome as a husband and wife, that Caer would be welcome as well as the rest of her own family.  She had apologized profusely with Vergus nodding. Dyme had even looked cowed by the two, the woman had known what had been planned without their knowledge.

The party had resumed with a more subdued Neirov, Raiyden, Dyme and of course Caer and Tomuraan.

Tom and Caer had made a decent show of it, kissing openly to the cheers of the crowd who had been worried that something was wrong when Caer had fainted.  Slipping her hand to his, Caer had felt confused and terrified at this new status.

How can I stand here with You and not be moved by You?
Would You tell me, how could it be any better than this?
And how can I stand here with You and not be moved by You?
Would You tell me, how could it be any better than this?

Caer shivered in the cold night air. The whispers of the sand across the ground, the embrace of the wind around her left her feeling calm and at peace. The silence helping her find her balance.

She loved Tomuraan. There was no denying that, the bond they shared was so deeply entrenched that she knew there would be no severing such a bond. What they had was deeper than most shared, that the surprise ceremony was merely superficial compared to the bond that they already shared. No words, no piece of paper… nothing could ever be better than what they already shared.  Her cheeks warmed as she thought about just how much she cared for the Mirialan Jedi, how much she could never show him just how much physically or mentally. Some part of her denied herself that.

But she knew that no matter how much she tried to deny how much she loved him, how much she would do anything to keep him safe and at her side, she would have to keep it all a secret. For her safety, for the safety of their family and ultimately for his safety.

‘Cause You’re all I want, You’re all I need
You’re everything, everything
You’re all I want, You’re all I need
You’re everything, everything

How can I stand here with You and not be moved by You?
Would You tell me, how could it be any better than this?
Would You tell me, how could it be any better than this?


Opening her ‘eyes’ she stared up at the moon and smiled faintly, she felt warm arms slide around her slender form, a chin resting on her head. His presence enveloped her like a welcome and badly needed blanket. She sighed in contentment and the smile that crossed her lips was genuine and warm. She brought her arms up to hold onto the arms that held her, the Miralukas back leaning against the warm and powerful chest of the man who held her.

The Miraluka and the Mirialan watched the moon for a long time before heading inside to warm one another up in the comfort of a welcoming bed.

Personal Journal Entry- Mirial.

<From the personal journals of Caer Estherian.>

Mirial is an intriguing planet. While I can’t see the way a regular person can, I can see the way it looks through the force.  It’s not what I would consider a very good vacation spot but I’m enjoying it immensely.

I’ve met Toms family and I admit, meeting them intimidated me. I had no idea how to react, and the second that Toms mother Seranad came out and hugged me, I had no idea what to think. Had Tom told them beforehand? Had Dyme told her? I just had no idea what to make of it. I opted to remain quiet and just introduce myself without saying anything. Honestly, I was a nervous wreck meeting his mother and I found myself unable to say much of anything. I felt completely unable to form coherent thought.

I know i just wanted to keep quiet because I was scared. Scared of saying the wrong thing or saying something I couldn’t take back. Not that I’d say anything bad, but something stupid. I knew I had a habit of saying something stupid when I meet new people and  all of a sudden it hit me hard that I was being trusted enough to meet his family.  I’ve not even met my own family and here I’m meeting his.

Toms and Dyme’s mother is a wonderful woman, very down to earth and so willing to make us smile. It’s obvious she is very proud of her children and what they do.  She cooks us good meals, all local and unique. I admit,  I’ve never tasted anything like it and I rather like it.   I hope I get to speak with her more, she seems like a very good natured woman.

Meeting Toms father was … a unique experience I will never forget. You just never expect to meet a guys father and have them throw a spear at my head.  I ended up sparring with Toms father for a while before he finally relented and made a proper introduction.  I was impressed with this giant mountain of a man. He was friendly and I could see myself warming up to him easily. He had an easy going nature like Tom and I could see where Tom got his personality from. I definitely look forward to speaking with the man more and learning what he has to say.

I also got to meet his brother Edghar. He is very serious and I can tell there is tension with him. He doesn’t seem to like us very much and he seems to be jealous of his siblings success. I wonder if the man realizes that Toms and Dyme’s success comes at such a heavy price.  He thinks they sacrificed their family to go out and have fun. He has no idea what kind of personal sacrifice that takes, or if he does… he doesn’t allow himself to see it.  Tom gave up his family for the Order, gave up his own personal freedoms to save those who can’t save themselves. It’s something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Dyme gave up a lot of things to keep them safe. She gave up the ability to contact her family and even a lot of her friends so that if something ever happened, nobody would ever use her family against her. That takes a lot of soul searching, a lot of emotional sacrifice and I think Dyme has done a marvelous job of not letting that get to her.

I’m still marveling over the fact we all were allowed to get markings on our skin. Tomuraan took us up to their peoples temple to get their traditional markings plus we all got one that held deep personal meaning for the four of us. Thankfully I didn’t lose my cool, Raiy kept me distracted in my head and Tom was there as well. Dyme was talking to me and I was so sufficiently distracted I barely even noticed it was over.

I’m proud of it.  Proud of myself and I have to confess I am proud of all of us.

Part of me doesn’t want this to end in some way. That we could stay here, help out here and not face the rest of the galaxy. But Raiyden has to work with Xaishen and I have my own student to teach, not to mention out work as Luka Sene. Though Raiyden is called upon far more than I am. I’m merely checked in on and asked how I’m doing.  I pretty much get left to my own devices and that’s about that.

I think we’re going to where Toms father works tomorrow as a group. I’m not sure though. However, I should sleep seeing as everyone likes to rise early around here.

Restless and Lost.

Caer pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed. The sounds of the bar around her had grated on her nerves. The chattering of this person or that person fighting to over power the other noises in the bar grated on her ears and the swirling masses of various auras made her head throb and pulse with the rise and fall of conversation. It was like a wave of sound that rose up, crashed down only to be replaced by a new wave.

Caer didn’t even hear most of the conversation that was going on between the people she considered friends. Dyme was there and her usual cheerful self, Neirov at her side; that was odd as it seemed he suddenly had taken a shine to Dyme. Caer hadn’t even really engaged in any conversation as it was when she’d shown up, Neirov had immediately gone silent other than to ask Dyme to change the conversation.  Raiyden had shown up some time later and had left fairly early.

Why had she even been there?

She was restless, her weight shifting from one foot to another and it took all her patience not to snap at most of the people around her. Instead she focused on the auras around her and tried not to recoil in horror at all the Sith that seemed to surround them.

Well, dark auras. If any of them were actually Sith worth their title, she’d be amazed. Most she ran into in the Slopes were generally mentally deficient wannabe’s who’s only ability or power was to mouth off and then call up buddies for back up. Really, to Caer those weren’t Sith, they were kids pretending to wield power they had no hope of ever controlling.

Her head pounded.

She fingered the little datachip she’d received from the Council that day and sighed heavily, that little piece of information weighing on her mind more heavily than anything else at the moment. She’d gone before the council pleaded her case and had swallowed quite a bit of pride as she’d been reminded of her failures on Voss by a few of the council members; she was secretly glad Master Kaeden was still stuck on Ilum, but his holo communication was there and he’d surprised her by voting in favor of her especially after Caer’s impassioned plea for the boy.

Caer couldn’t help but smirk a bit as she recalled that conversation. “The kids got absolutely no guidance. I feel the order and the Council, yes, I’m blaming you all for failing this padawan when the galaxy needs Jedi the most. Let me train him, get him to at least to where he won’t go wandering into the hands of the Sith. Honestly guys, how could you seriously drop the hutt ball on this? I see him on Nar Shaddaa hanging out with Dark force users and myself or my brother have had to personally bail him out a few times!  He’s without a Master and has no idea what he’s doing. Let me take him, train him and at least return him to the Order with some of that space between his ears filled and a spine that’s not as wiggly as a Nautolans head tress.”

“She might be what the boy needs.” Kaeden commented, his tone dry and looking less than pleased, though Caer suspected if he was of the same mind, he disliked Ilum as much as she did.  “The boy lacks confidence and lets face is, she’s got a bit too much of it. Maybe they’ll balance each other out. Get that brother of hers to fill in where she’s weak at in terms of academics and whoever else. But I vote against her coming back to full Master status.”

Master Shan had agreed and Caer had been happy with that. She didn’t want to be a full Master. She didn’t really want that type of responsibility and she agreed silently with Master Kaeden though she’d keep that little admittance behind her teeth even through torture.

Shan had given her permission to train Artenn in a part-time position as long as she returned to the Order, dividing her time up between the Luka Sene and the Order. Something which Caer hadn’t wanted to do, but there was nothing to be done about it. Her own training as a Luka Sene would at least afford her some work on her own and then her work with Artenn might possibly help her focus a bit and lower some of the aggression she felt towards people.

Her head continued to pound as she thought about that exchange.

She had a padawan now.

The Sith and noises around her reminded her of another problem she had. Drayviakki and Xaishen.  Dray being the biggest problem in that they couldn’t get to him so she could show him what it mean to mess with her brother and think he could get away with it. She wanted to hurt him, badly. Very un-jedi like but she didn’t particularly care. It was personal. It was what needed done and while she knew that all of her friends would never approve of her line of thinking, it couldn’t be helped.

The realization had hit her on her way back to Toms ship.


All their lives… Caers, Raiydens, Neirovs… they’d been continually sent off to combat locations. Places that required them to work as a team, to fight as a team and to become reliant on themselves and each other.

Caer had always been the action over words type. That had been her forte and one she felt proud about. She was the action and she missed it. Hudgarr had told her she’d needed laid, which she just blushed and kept her comments to herself. But that wasn’t it. She needed to lead, to guide and direct. To feel the anticipation of combat and danger. The feeling of being able to help others through the actions the took.

That’s what she missed more than anything. Feeling useful and needed by people who couldn’t help themselves.

The headache had grown into a full blow migraine. She needed to find a quiet place to sleep.

Cold cruel harsh reality

Caer’s body was a ball of fire and ice, simultaneous feeling like she’d been burned inside and out and then dipped in a salt lake on Hoth. Her breath was ragged and it felt like no matter how hard she tried to inhale deep, her lungs would not permit it.  Her leg screamed white hot pain and her side followed it with a chorus of pain of its own.

Caer had grown tired of seeing her crew torn apart by one womans actions- no that wasn’t fair- by hers and Neirovs actions and she’d sought the Miraluka relative out. Caer had gone to find the woman, angry and wanting her to put an end to this. She had challenged Kosruk and had lost, the fight lasting no more than several minutes; no epic thirty minute fight to the death, no long winded monologues. Just fast and dirty fighting. Caer had found out rapidly that things were not as they seemed.

The Seeker Caer had tracked her to Quesh, a disgusting pit of a planet, a festering wound in the galaxy. It only figured that Kosruk would have set up there and not on Dromund Kaas like she’d told Neirov.   Caer had gotten the information from a Luka Sene contact that had been keeping an ‘eye’ on Kosruk.

“I warned him what would happen.” Kosruks voice had cut through a haze of pain. “My masters will be less than pleased and I truly did not wish to kill you.”

Caer sat propped up against the wall where the woman who looked just like her had carried her. She felt the bones grind in her leg as Kosruk adjusted her so that she was semi-comfortable. She could taste the coppery blood in her mouth and she had to fight the urge not to throw up, fighting the waves of pain. Kosruk clipped her sabers back to her hips and stared down at the Miraluka woman who looked so much like her.

She seemed to examine the woman through the force. “You honestly believed you could take me in a one on one fight and win? You’re stupider than Neirov indicated.”

Caer coughed and then gasped as the wound in her side screamed at the jostling it took. The fight had been brutal and short- brutally short if truth be told. Kosruk had Caer down in a suprising short amount of time, having successfully broken Caers leg in no less than four places before the woman had any idea what had happened.

Kosruk had not been without her injuries. Caer had managed to land a few blows of her own, causing deep scoring on the womans side as well as giving her a nasty bruise and a couple cracked ribs.

Tom and Arten had found her, Raiyden and Neirov coming in behind. She’d been blissfully unaware of their presence until Tom had spoken in her mind. She had been relieved that they had found her.

Caer woke on a ship, she wasn’t entirely sure that the ship was hers or if it was Toms or Raiydens. She could hear Xaishen and Raiyden speaking softly about healing and pain killing options, Raiyden letting Xaishen know that Caer had a natural resistance to drugs in general as well as pain killers.  She’d sensed Toms and Artens worry as well as Neirovs brooding presence.

She had slipped back into unconsciousness after that.

Caer had no idea what she could expect when or if she woke.