Your promises, they look like lies.

Your honesty, like a back that hides a knife (knife)
I promise you (promise you)
I promise you (promise you)
And I am finally free

Run away, run away, I’ll attack
Run away, run away, go chase yourself
Run away, run away, now I’ll attack
I’ll attack, I’ll attack, I will attack

Caers boot-heels clicked against the permacrete as she made her way back to the ship. She was aware of her surroundings, no matter how fuzzy they may appear. Yes, she was rather drunk and was working on purging the alcohol that coursed through her via the Force, however it was not an instantaneous sort of deal. It took time to purge anything from ones system.

Her mind was on the events of tonight. The fight night had been successful for Nia or so she had thought. Enough people were there at the fights and she saw that the heavy was furious and heavy. Enough Sith had been there to make her inner Jedi want to throw up and then bathe in it- it would have made her feel cleaner.  Kyic had been there and as an added bonus Kruven. Thankfully Kruven had the brains to stay away from her.

Kyic on the other hand…

Her hand curled around the hilt of her saber and she had to pause in her steps to imagine the idea of just killing him once and for all. Was it wrong to think that way? Yes, it was. But it was also wrong to leave a dangerous animal roaming free to do as it pleased after knowing it was a dangerous animal.

The way he had approached them had set her instantly on her guard though for all outward appearances she appeared happy to see him, her humour masking the fact that she was fairly on edge and just waiting for him to lash out at the two of them and Neirov.

Caer inhaled slowly and then held it for a few seconds before exhaling slowly. The man had been cordial. Too cordial and the fact he had not made any barbs or acidic comments towards her or Raiyden had not bode well for either of them. In fact he’d been too civil. Far too civil for a Sith and one that when they had parted last time had been under open threats.

No, this reeked of wrong.

Especially when he had taken up the offer to speak to Raiyden privately and without any hint of animosity, a month after the request had been made.  Raiyden of course had readily accepted the invitation and Caer had to curb the urge not to bash her brother between the eye sockets for not seeing it for the trap it obviously was.  Even Neirov had been nervous about the whole exchange but there’d been little to do about it because of it being such an open and neutral venue in which they’d been surrounded by Sith.

The night had gone from slightly paranoid to extremely when she had stopped by the Slopes to celebrate and had ran into Dyme, Lyka and the Chiss agent she still wasn’t sure she’d ever caught the womans name.  Raiy and Neirov had opted to celebrate as well.

She’d ran into Kyic again when she’d returned from changing from heavy robes to a lighter and more free flowing outfit. Somehow he’d managed to hear her talk about the fact she liked to dance.

Caer could hear the exchange inside her head even as she rounded the corner and waited for a air-taxi to take her to the shuttles that would take her to her ship.

“I heard you liked to dance.” The Siths voice was cordial enough, though it carried with it only a hint of challenge. As if daring the Miraluka to take it anything other than an innocent question.

Caer had played the game. She’d played it well enough answering flippantly that she did enjoy dancing, laughing off the tension that coiled up in her belly. “A fighter should know how to dance, after all isn’t combat a dance?”

Their conversation had continued along the same vein for some while, him making a remark about perhaps wanting to dance with her, though both knew that they were indeed dancing another type of dance. Wary words meant wary steps. Ones they might have performed in the political arena had the Voss project flourished.

The massive Zabrak had stared down at her, commenting on how they would likely dance very soon.

Caer had done her best not to look alarmed. Something about the comment, something about the way he’d spoken it had set her on edge. It had screamed something was extremely wrong with this whole thing and Caer had excused herself as quickly and as politely as she could.

They would fight, Caer sensed it and he had warned her. He had warned her the only way the Sith knew how and she would heed that warning.

Sighing heavily she leaned back in the seat of the shuttle and waited for it to launch. Resting her head on the back of the seat. It was late enough that not many others were on.

Her thoughts turned to Nia and she had to feel genuinely sorry for the woman. She’d gotten in over her head like Raiy said she had and while Caer kind of felt it was not their business to do anything about it, she could sympathize with the Zabrak woman. Caer had noticed how tired she had appeared and when Caer had witnessed Kyic and the one named Dhen nearly go toe to toe (her bet had been on Kyic..really. ) only to watch Nia walk away from them both, she knew something had been horridly wrong.

It was only when she’d caught up with the woman and hugged her, did she sense the roiling tension in the tiny compact body and the emotional distress she was barely hiding. Caer had offered to talk and she wasn’t sure if the woman would take her up on it.  It had alarmed her that Nia had made the comment to kill her and it had scared her more than some part of the woman really meant it.

Caer felt protective of the woman for some reason and it made her want to find the source of this pain this woman was feeling and destroy it.

Shaking her head she rubbed her face and ignored the stares of the other passengers as she gave a short grunt of pain as the first stirrings of a pounding headache were coming on.

What she really wanted was a warm bed, a warmer body in that bed to curl up next to and to pass out for a few hours. She’d contact Nia when she was more sober and then speak to Raiyden about what Kyic had said. Caer felt it was at least important enough to mention to Raiy what had transpired between her and the Sith.

But for now she had to get back to her ship and get her head together.


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