Lost in the Echo

Caer paced back and forth, trying to catch her breath and sort her thoughts out.  She ran a hand through her messy hair and heaved a heavy sigh.

Why was she always the one to see the obvious? She was the supposedly the sightless one. Why didn’t they see the fact that a pureblood was sitting right there trying to undermine everything they’d worked for? Just like Drayviakki?!  The thing sitting at Raiydens table was a Pureblood Sith.

Purebloods simply were not ‘good’ or ‘light’. There was no such thing to the demonic looking beasts. The dark side pulsed in the man and she could see that he had an extreme control over it, a very firm grip on the darkness that moved through him like currents in a river.

Yes, they would be calm, collected and even friendly, but there was never kindness in a Pureblood. Never a moment when they weren’t considering the idea of destroying everything you loved.  Just like with Kruvens sister or worse yet, Kruven himself.

She fairly snarled as she recalled the name and that night, turning on her heel hard enough to create a divot in the dirt. Caer continued to pace, trying to calm her shattered nerves.  Kruven hadn’t wanted help or salvation, he wanted nothing more than to have something to boast, to claim that he did what no other could do and that was weedle his way through Caers already broken defenses.

The sight of the Pureblood at Raiydens table had unnerved her in a way that she hadn’t expected. It was startling how when she saw his eyes, the way he sat with a nervous smile on his face that she was completely thrown off by the harmless looking red-skinned man sitting there as if he belonged.

He hadn’t. In any capacity other than maybe under her boot-heel and gagging out some sort of pleading for his life. But she’d been stopped, by all of them. She felt like she just was swimming up a powerful stream.  Caer hated the fact it felt like she had to fight her brother on this, but wasn’t it for his own good?

How soon would it be before she’d be hunting this one down too?  Tearing him apart for hurting them, for hurting Raiy?

She didn’t trust easily. He trusted too easily.

Maybe she wasn’t fit for leadership. Caer had often wondered that in the past, but as of late she had wondered it more and more. Maybe she was leading them down these paths.

Ever since Voss…

Sighing she shook her head and slid down the wall to land on her butt, resting her head on her knees. She just wanted to escape for a bit.

She felt so trapped.

Exhaling she finally gave in to the emotions and let herself be helplessly angry for a while. There was no harm in that. She would deal with the Pureblood later.


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