Iron- Epilogue.

The Miraluka woman stood before the holo terminal, a member of the Jedi Council and two members of the Republic Senate sitting in high back chairs, their demeanor stiff and formal even though the blue glowing holograms. Grand Master Shan along with the two Senators, reclined in their chairs, Caer could see the female Senator looking something over on a datapad.

“We have received reports of your abduction and return.” Grand Master Shan spoke up first, her pinchy faced features looking even more pinchy as she seemed to scrutinize Caer from light years away. “It’s most unfortunate that you had to go through this ordeal, and the Order offers it’s sincerest apologies and wish you a speedy recovery.”

“Yes, of course.” The snub nosed Senator, Caer vaguely recalled her name being something like Senator Kruellen or something similar, waved off Grand Master Shans words, Sateles expression looking unflappable as if used to dealing with the woman; but Caer knew the woman was not so easily dismissed. “However, with that said, we have some very serious issues to discuss and unfortunately a small amount of time in which to speak of them.”

Caer stiffened, her hands clasped behind her back to hide the brace that kept her broken wrist immobilized and partially as a stance of attentiveness. Her shoulders squared and she lifted her head slightly, the Miraluka waiting for it and bracing herself for the worst.

Senator Kruellen narrowed her eyes at the datapad and then at Caer. “It says here in a full inquiry and report that you were abducted by the Sith- excuse me a Darth Tormentia, Zaydia- the sister to Darth Kruven the former Imperial Ambassador to Voss. Your opposite in political terms Miss Estherian.”

Caer nodded, trying not to bristle at the woman’s accusatory tone. She kept her face perfectly pointed just to where it looked as if she were looking at all of them. “Yes Senator. That is correct.”

The male leaned forward and Caer could not recall his name at all. This was the first she’d seen of him and her mind tried to grasp for some sort of recognition but it failed. He seemed to realize this and offered a faint if not distant smile. “I’m Senator Pashan, Miss Estherian. I was placed here on intermediary terms in case things got out of hand, not that we expected them to mind you, but we wanted to make sure you were properly represented here. Just know I am on your side Miss Estherian and all of this is mere formality.”

Caer nodded politely her stomach starting to clench up with nerves, she allowed herself to shift her weight a bit, the only indication that she was actively listening. Master Shan would know, but the two Senators seemed a bit disconcerted she lacked eyes to look into.  “Of course, Senator Pashan. Lets please proceed as it seems senator Kruellen is in a hurry.”

Grand Master Shan suppressed a bit of a smile at Caers brashness, the Grand Master used to the Miraluka’s penchant for stating the obvious, usually to the point of rudeness. Senator Kruellen leaned back looking a bit surprised that Caer would speak in such a manner.

“Yes. Very well. The point is, Miss Estherian is that we believe you have been compromised. This looks extremely bad for both sides, but we only care about our side. The Republics image looks pretty tarnished to the Voss and this fiasco has set us back quite a bit in any progress with the Voss people.  This is a political disaster and a logistics nightmare at its worst.  You allowed yourself to be kidnapped and taken by the enemy, and worse yet, by the Imperial Ambassadors sister? This sort of news gets out and it could look like you may have been possibly consorting with the enemy!”

Caer listened to the womans tirade, her stomach clenching further and further, the anger of the womans words causing her own temper to flare, she opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by the Grand Master of the Jedi. “That’s hardly fair Senator. Caer did not ask to be taken and I’m sure her ordeal was not a pleasant one. If you had read the medical files we received from one of our own Jedi, you’d see that as fact. To place the blame squarely on this womans shoulders is unfair and rather callous of you Senator. We understand that Voss was a very important aspect to the Republic and to the Empire, but we have heard that the Imperial Ambassador too is missing now and has not been heard from in some time. If they were both still missing, we could speculate what you have suggested, but it’s clear that is not the case.”

Senator Pashan nodded and cleared his throat looking slightly awkward. “Yes, of course. Grand Master Satele is right. But so is the Senator. This look very poor and I’m sorry to say- ”

Kruellen waved off the man and leaned forward. “What we mean to say is that you have been stripped of your ranking as Ambassador and will be placed under a full investigation by the Jedi Order and by the Senate. You are currently considered compromised and will from this point until we feel you are not a threat to the Republic placed on watch. What the Order decides is not up to me, but to Grand Master Satele Shan.”

The female Senator leaned back in her seat looking like she just delivered a killing blow.  Grand Master Shan merely sat there, with pursed lips (Caer was convinced they were permanently stuck that way) and tapped a nail on the table in front of her. Pashan, hemmed and shifted in his seat as if someone had just poked him in the butt.

Caer kept her expression neutral and slowly turned her head towards the Grand Master of the Jedi Order. She bowed her head. “Grand Master, am I to believe this womans words that I am under watch of the Order?”

“This is true, Caer. I’m sorry but it’s standard and you know this from your time with us at the Order.” Satele Shan gave only the briefest of apologetic smiles. “We wish for you to come to Tython just to ensure you have not received any sustaining force damage or may possibly be carrying a passenger. We expect you on Tython in four days time. That should give you plenty of time to get your affairs in order. While on Tython you will not be allowed to speak with the others and kept away from the Padawans and other open areas.”

Caer turned to Pashan and the balding man offered her a polite smile. “Is it true I am to be observed by I can only assume the SIS?”

Senator Pashan nodded, his fingers tapping the table in a rapid nervous pattern. “Yes, you’ll be watched, as long as you’re not flagged for speaking with the enemy outside neutral territory and your conversations are open, we will cease watching you at our discretion. You agree to these terms?”

Caer drew herself up fully and met all three of their gazes; her heart hammering in her chest, the anger churning in her stomach.  Sateles expression was somewhat impassive, Kruellens predatory and Pashans a little apprehensive.  “I Caer Estherian Ex-Jedi Master of the Order do understand these terms and accept them. Four days time I will be on Tython to be questioned and tested. During that time I will have minimal to no contact with those who currently reside on Tython unless under escort or cleared of these worries the Order has.”

Caer then turned to Pashan and bowed her head. “I too accept your terms on one condition.”

The man swallowed and nodded, Caer noting that Kruellen opened her mouth to speak, but Satele shaking her head, silencing the woman. Caer licked her cracked lips, her hand nervously coming up to brush the healing claw marks on her face and then spoke in a clear tone that clearly stated she wasn’t going to take anymore crap. “Promise me that this Senator Kruellen does not ever get near Voss or any other planet with Sentients. She’s a rabid old Nexu,  all growl no teeth. I also pray to Ashla she never breeds and if she already has make sure she hasn’t eaten any of them. Keep her away from me and out of the investigation on me and my life will be an open book. I will see you in four days time, Grand Master.”

Satele pursed her lips so tightly they looked to disappear, and it was with supreme effort that the woman didn’t groan out loud at Caer’s commentary.  Pashans eyes bulged out of his head and he made little noises of dismay. Kruellen however opened her mouth gaping like a mud fish, her cheeks darkening.

“How dare-” The feed cut as Caer clicked the button.

“Oops.” Caer said to empty air.

Turning away, she took a moment to collect herself. Crossing the room she sat down at a little work table. Her hands touching over the various items laying on the table. She brushed her hand against the diatium power cell, the item sitting on it’s side, rolled slightly under her fingers. The focus and power crystals laid out in a row, as well as several other components. Not quite ready, no. Nowhere near. She still needed a few more things, but the items she got were some of the most difficult.

Let them investigate her. Let them poke around in her head. There was nothing for her to hide. Nothing for her to fear. They had nothing to worry about and she would pass their little investigation with flying colors.  She would bring Kruvens sister to justice and if necessary, Kruven himself it it turned out that he was a part of this truly.

Screw politics. She was a warrior anyways.

Raised in this madness, you’re on your own
It made you fearless, nothing to lose
Dreams are a drug here, they get in your way
That’s what you need to fight day by day

Oh Damn, the war is coming!
Oh Damn, you feel you want it!
Oh Damn, just bring it on today!


2 comments on “Iron- Epilogue.

  1. Like I told you on msn, I pretty much view this as fairly accurate of most politics, a “we’re sorry for your injuries and the tragedy that befell you, but we’re making you our scapegoat and bitch now, so bend over, here’s the cactus”

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