It’s like my soul is see through, right through my empty eyes.

You’re determined by faith.

You pretend to make up

You laid out your case

Like the enemy.

But all that you got

through dirty white lies

You’ll find the damn correct way

of blaming for your crimes.

<Location: Voss, Nightmare Lands.>

Caer ran recklessly over the rocky ground, risking a sprained ankle or worse, but she didn’t care as the wind whipped her hair around her face wildly, the binding that kept it out of the way had long since fallen off, the white locks giving her a somewhat shocked appearance, but she didn’t care. She couldn’t see it anyways.

Lightning streaked the sky, the Voss landscape of the nightmare lands around her bursting with brilliant white light before falling into pitchy darkness.  She could still see; still see the fallen logs and the  tall grasses that clumped together, the mounds of dirt and other things that nature held in this hellish land.

It was called the Nightmare lands for a reason. The Voss had named it adequately. The twisted landscape held madness and doom. Cliche but there was truth to most cliches.

She heard the howl of a Gormak in pain, then the sound of those creatures responding around her in an almost simultaneous howl.  Caer pulled the clip on her belt using the force, summoning the light saber to her hand with sheer will alone, but she didn’t ignite it yet. She didn’t want to draw any more attention to herself than necessary.

A sound of something running next to her somewhere in the distance, the creature that ran a few meters away, pacing her as she continued to run. Caer sensed other Gormak in the area as well gathering. She could see them through the force like beacons in the darkness.  First it was one, then three and finally a pack of them following, enclosing around her as if driving her towards a specific location.

Caer knew they were. She sensed the ending location well before she could see it. She sensed the two signatures that were waiting for her there. As she ran, as she allowed herself to be herded to her destination she recalled the conversation she had last with him.

The dark side swirled around her like tendrils trying to trip her, penetrate her, invade her and slow her down. It was with the sheer will of the light side that she could stave off the darkness that threatened to drive her into madness,

He’d told her to be careful, to make sure she made it back safely. That he’d be on the ship waiting for her.  They had so much to talk about, so much to discuss with the data pad along with the other things going on. Caer had told him to be careful as well and he’d promised he would be.

Branches snagged at her armor, scraping and tearing at the cloth, catching in her hair and scratching over her face. She snarled as she pushed through the branches with the force, shoving with a violence that tore some from the roots. Caer could sense them both now and she could sense far less Gormak. Their job had been completed, driving her to the destination she had been forced to go.

I don’t know where I’m going

In search for answers

I don’t know who I’m fighting

I stand with empty eyes

Like a ghost with within me

Who’s draining power

It’s like my soul is see through

Right through my empty eyes.

Caer’s feet skidded on the loose dirt as she pushed her way through the barrier of limbs, her lip curling into a sneer as she ‘saw’ what was before her. The wind whipped around her even as she held still, the rain starting to come down fast and heavy, and as she ignited her saber, she could hear the snap hiss as droplets of rain fell onto the energized blade.

The two forms, one laying on the ground, the other crouched over it, the twin bladed light sabers guttering against the ground. She approached cautiously, sensing the darkness rolling off the crouching form, the lightness fading rapidly from the other form.

Like a ghost within me… who’s draining power…

Caer swallowed as she approached slowly, her boots squelching in the rapidly forming mud, she felt weakened as if walking any further would surely end her. It took her a mere second for her to recognize what it was, who it was and with a keening cry of pain, she realized the form laying on the muddy ground was her brother.


The bond they shared was unraveling at a painfully rapid rate. Too fast.  Before she could take a step, his force life was gone.  Her hand reached for him as if willing him back to his body, her fingers outstretched, water dripping off the long nails, the pale skin looking ashen as she slowly sank to her knees.

The second form, the one who had been holding Raiyden, Caer only dimly recognized as Neirov’s aura.  She slowly turned her face from the still form of her brother to ‘look’ at Neirov. He shook his head and motioned to the darkness beyond the body of her brother.

The darkness of the force had shrouded them, and had shrouded them well.  The Sith Lords both stepping out from the darkness to reveal themselves, Kyic stepping forward first, igniting his own weapon the expression on his face one of pure delight at seeing the little Miraluka on her knees.

Caer inhaled sharply as her rage rose within her.  She gritted her teeth, letting that rage seep in through her, chip at her defenses and into her very soul.   She turned to face Neirov to see if he had her back.  Caer reared her head back in shock and surprise as Neirov grinned and disappeared, evaporating into the darkness as if he’d never been there.

The expression of hurt mixed with rage crossed Caer’s features, realizing she was alone.

I’m about to give in

Got nowhere to go

Afraid of the sins, I’m holding on

There’s no other way, no doubt in the end

But I ain’t got nothing to defend, nothing to lose.

Turning to face her enemy, she realized Kyic was not alone. Off a short distance away stood Kruven, the Imperial Ambassador with his arms folded over his chest, smirking ever so faintly. Standing next to him was Niatara, her lips curved into a smirk as well, her hands resting cockily on her pistols that rested on her hips. Caer found rage rising in her again.  Licking suddenly dry lips, she seethed with rage as she watched Kyic wipe his muddy boots on Raiydens ruined robes as he stepped over her to get to her.

Caer ignited her saber, the purple blade casting pale hues over her form as she waited for Kyic to approach.  He closed the distance in a surprisingly quick amount of time and before she knew it he was towering over her, having to bend slightly to peer down at her smaller form kneeling in the mud.  She knew she had no chance of winning, she let go of the saber plate, the purple blade disappearing instantaneously.

“Just how I imagined.” He spoke over the rain. He leered down at her, his expression one of pure triumph.

“No. It’s not.” She seethed as she jerked her saber to the opposite position, the hilt pointed away from her chest, the saber chamber pointed between her breasts. She watched Kyics eyes widen in surprise just as she depressed the saber ignition plate.  His hand reached out to grab for her, only to come away with the cloth that covered her eyes.

She knew her brother would greet her.

Like a ghost with within me

Who’s draining power

It’s like my soul is see through

Right through my empty eyes.

::Caer woke up and lay there in the darkness of her room, heart pounding and sweat soaking the sheets beneath her. She pressed a hand between her breasts, feeling the fluttering heart beat in her chest as she willed her heart to calm.

A dream. A vision.  Something perhaps meaningless, but very real feeling all the same.  Caer lay there in her bed for some time, mulling it over, trying to understand what all of it meant.

Everything, nothing.

“Sister?” Raiydens gentle voice broke the silence and with some effort it took Caer to keep from jumping. She sat up and placed a hand over her forehead, pushing back that unruly hair.

“I’m fine, Raiy. Go back to sleep.”

“You worry me sister. I sense your stress.” His voice was gentle, trying to be his usual helpful self.

“It’s alright brother. Just dreams.” She spoke softly and turned to face him.

“If you say so.” He retreated back to his room, she knew he didn’t believe her.

Running a hand over her face she lay back down, grateful when she fell back into sleep and no more dreams came.::


4 comments on “It’s like my soul is see through, right through my empty eyes.

  1. This was a truly FANTASTIC fucking entry, like seriously. The level of detail is wonderful, in fact it really put a few artistic ideas into my head, though I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it, I could so perfectly picture the happenings in this scene inside my mind. Awesome job!

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