I can’t do it alone. I’m reaching out, rescue me.

This waking nightmare lingers

When will the mirror stop telling lies?

I don’t know where I’ve been

or where I’m going

But I can’t do it alone.

I’m reaching out.

Rescue me show me who I am.Cause I can’t believe

This is how the story ends.

Fight for me, if it’s not too late.

Help me breathe again.

No, this can’t be how the story ends.

The thrum of the ship was silent. For once the ship sat on solid ground, unmoving and likely not to move any time soon. The shadows that felt across the still forms of the powered down ship seemed to cast the pair in sharp relief. The light from the hallway cutting through the shadows of the room as sharp as any blade.

The two forms inside of the room were close, the woman kneeling on the bed, head bowed, all armor off, wearing nothing more than a simple body suit that at a casual glance would have appeared to be a bare form. The white hair practically glowing in the light that came through the open door. The woman’s head- Caer’s head- bowed in contemplation, meditation, the faintest hint of stress on her features were the only thing to betray the turmoil she felt.  Her face still held the cloth she favored to cover her eyes, having thought of no reason to take it off, even in her private sanctuary of her bedroom.  No time for it, no thought to it.

Her fingers brushed the hair from Raiydens face, his head in her lap as he rested on her bed, his body covered by a thin sheet. She’d removed his armor but had left most of the robes on. Her hands on either side of his head, she steadied her breathing, matching his inhalations and exhalations with her own- in perfect sync with her twin brother. She’d done her best to make him as comfortable as possible. It was her duty as his sister, as his twin to ensure his safety. That was her job, always had been. She had been trained from childhood on up to protect her brother, to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves. Now she’d essentially doomed her brother to a lifetime of potential suffering.

It broke her heart, made her feel sick deep down inside; and no amount of meditation would make her feel okay, no amount of peace would bring back a sense of balance. She had chosen to come to Tatooine during this chaotic time. She had chosen to stay on the planet during the initial outbreak and volunteer to help those who couldn’t protect themselves. She had gone alone, but Raiyden had followed.

Just as she knew he had.  She mentally damned herself for condemning her brother.

I’m locked up and waiting for you.

I’ve lost so much more than I’ll ever know.

Love has the truth forgotten.

Find me now, before I lose it all.

I’m crying out.

Rescue me show me who I am.

Cause I can’t believe

This is how the story ends.

Fight for me, if it’s not too late.

Help me breathe again.

No, this can’t be how the story ends.

He’d always been the weaker one. Not mentally no and of course he had strengths where she only dreamed of having. But physically. He had always been more susceptible to little ailments.

It had been a scratch. Both of them. Nothing important right? Nothing serious. Neither had realized it. They had faced the pack of creatures and had decided at the last second it was too many to handle. Caer had thrown herself against Raiyden, sending them both tumbling down a precipice that could have ended worse if it hadn’t been for the sand dunes below it.  The thought of getting away safely had been their priority. There had been nothing to do other than escape and as they had run through the desert sands with a pack of blood thirsty beasts behind them, they had counted their lucky stars.

Caer’s jaw clenched as she brushed her hand over her brothers cheek, startled momentarily as a hand reached up suddenly and gripped it firmly. She relaxed as she rested her hand on his cheek, his own hand covering hers.

Raiyden didn’t speak, they didn’t need to speak aloud. There was no need for it with their bond as twins; even the most basic of siblings without the force would have a connection of some sort.  She smiled ever so faintly at his touch, feeling his love for her conveyed in that simple touch. The implicit trust to see this through and the confidence that she would be there for him.  She wished so much she could heal him. Find the magical components through the force, through her own hands to purge the sickness from his body. To pull the disease from him and take it into her.

She had begged Adria, had pleaded with her and had even tried to bribe her to make Raiy well.  No thought to herself, not caring what happened to her with this damnable disease; all she cared about was Raiyden. He had been through so much already, he didn’t deserve to go through anymore.

Caer felt his hand slip from hers and fall onto the bed. She bit her lip, a momentary panic rising up in her as she thought something was horribly wrong, but no, Raiy had fallen asleep again. She bit back a soft cry of relief, the urge to sob welling up in her as she bowed her head in total silence.

Shifting her position carefully so as not to reawaken Raiyden, she continued her vigil over her brother. Only rousing to get him food or water when he asked, anxiously waiting for Adria’s call.

Fight for me.

If it’s not too late.

Help me breathe again.

No this can’t be how the story ends.



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