The Catalyst.

Caer exhaled slowly as she went through stretching techniques, the floor of her ship cool beneath her feet, feeling and hearing the thrum of the ships engines as it traveled it’s way through hyperspace. Her right arm stretched over her head, her left hooked behind her neck, gripping the upstretched arm. She slowly brought her right foot up the inner side of her left leg and  held her position there.

It was a lesson in balance, focus and awareness. She was aware of everything around her, from the statue to the right of her, to the bed in front of her even the small lump in the rug that was just under her foot.  It forced her to consider every angle of her position and also internally reflect on how to maintain the perfect balance.

Raiyden had read her the letter from their home world Alpheredies. She had to suppress the muscular response to frown as she thought about that; they’d not heard from their home world since they were infants, taken by the Jedi order to train as Jedi. Not from their mother or father- Caer had no idea if they were even alive or if they had any other siblings. For all Caer knew, her parents had no other children, died alone or were possibly living and clueless that their children were returning home.

Caer felt an odd sort of detachment to the thought of having parents. The Order had been her mother and father. The many Masters and teachers had been her parent in some fashion; guiding, caring for and raising her and Raiyden. The thought of someone actually giving birth to her and her brother only seemed trivial to her. It was as if she had been created for the sole purpose to become  Jedi.

Even that had not been without it’s trials and tribulations. It had come at a great price and it was something she wondered if she could move past. Yes, she admitted, she had a ‘forbidden’ attachment to her brother. She loved him very much and would do everything for him to make sure she was always there for him. There was no option in that.

Caer thought about the words he had read her, still holding the pose perfectly still, statuesque in her humanoid way. We have been kept apprised of your growth and we are impressed with what we have seen. We of the Luka Sene wish to invite you back home for further evaluation and to extend an invitation to our order.  There is no need to rush any decisions, but we wish to speak with your futures with your people. Please discuss it among yourselves and contact us at your convenience.

Exhaling slowly, she switched positions, slowly lowering her limbs and then taking up the same position on the opposite side of her body. Holding her pose, she considered just what this would mean for her and her brother.  It could open up many opportunities for them both.  She knew this and so did Raiyden. They’d spoken about it deep into the hours of the night. It had only been when exhaustion had claimed both of them that they stopped talking. She ending up on her bed and he with a blanket on the floor of her ship.  She couldn’t help but let a smile tug at her lips as she recalled waking up a few hours later and nearly stepping on him because she’d forgotten he was there.

Even now, some hours later as they made their way through space, she wondered what it all could mean for them. What it could mean for Rulan, for Neirov and for even Dalken and Arenz. Rulan would likely be assigned a new master, Neirov could choose to stay with them or go his own way, the same with Dalken and Arenz. Though she had a feeling Arenz would stay with them and with the Order. She couldn’t say for certain about Dalken; she’d not seen him for some time.

Time would only tell. She first had to make the first steps and that was contact the people she needed to. Raiy had already sent a notification to the Council and they were just awaiting word from both of them to be summoned to Tython. Caer knew that leaving the Order would not be something easy to do, it would be even more difficult to convince others that she and Raiyden were leaving for good and honest reasons.

She grimaced as she dropped from her pose and to her knees, exhaling heavily as she concentrated on relaxing the tense muscles. Yes, all those ex-Jedi that dropped from the order for various reasons.  She over heard some of them in the bar on Nar Shaddaa frequently boasting some things she thought good Jedi shouldn’t boast about- she often felt that the image of Jedi were ruined by those just as much outside the order as those in. Even now as she considered her own position in the Order, she felt that once she left, she would still do her best to maintain that image. Gods both knew that she tried hard and sometimes failed, but she did her best and that was all she could do.

It was a precarious balance, she supposed. She would essentially become a ‘normal’ person after leaving. But many still knew her as as Jedi, many would recognize her for what she used to be and demand that she adhere to those previous traditions. Goddess Ashla knew she would probably end up adhering to a Code she no longer needed to adhere to. She’d have to untrain herself from a lot of things that were ingrained into her from birth.

So much to think about.  Force knew that this was the right choice, however. Leaving the Order was best for her, for Raiyden and ultimately the best for the integrity of the Order. Her attachment to Raiyden, her passion for battle. Both were considered dangerous, unwanted and a path to the Dark Side.  Taboo things for Jedi.

But as Luka Sene, they were welcomed. Warriors could hone their skills. She could show sisterly affection for Raiyden without fear of repercussion and the ultimate truth of it all was that she and Raiyden both could serve their people and the republic in capacities best suited for them. They both could pursue their passions without hindrance as well as learn so much more about their culture and people first hand without the colored perceptions of other Jedi.

The more she thought about it, the more it made her smile. Unable to maintain her meditation and relaxation she bounced to her feet and headed for the main bulk of the ship. “Hey Raiy! How about breakfast!”


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