Education of a new form.


I’m completely awake and I can’t discern why. I’m restless, I feel like something is happening and I can’t figure it out. I kind of feel like there’s something that needs  to be said or done.

I have not seen Neirov in some time. The last time I did catch him around was only a few days ago and we went on a mission. We had to take out some radio towers and it took all our concentrated effort, including Dalkens.  We made it but not without some injuries.

I have no idea why I’m talking about any of this. It’s so pointless. It’s not important really. I want to talk about the friendships I seemed to have accumulated and that make me happy. Yes, Jedi can have friends, without them we would hardly be Jedi.

It’s strange. That these friendships I have forged have been from the oddest places.

First there’s Tomuraan. He’s a wonderful friend who I confess, I care about him. He’s wise, a good Master Jedi and we share the same views that many others argue or say we are wrong. Tom has this way about him that is charismatic. I have not met many Mirialans who are friendly and so open with their advice. Tom has been the one who has helped me make some decisions that I think I wouldn’t have made otherwise. He’s there to talk to me and be a shoulder and an ear when I need to sort out problems I feel that I can’t go to my brother to; and  certainly can’t go to anyone else with them.

Then there’s Niatara, she’s the fun sort of friend that lets me live vicariously through her. She can be the trouble making woman and I can observe and smile fondly. She has been there for us numerous times and I confess I sometimes find myself very un-jedi like being somewhat jealous of her lax and carefree nature. I know what my duty is, I need to be what I am so she can continue to be that carefree being. She makes me smile and laugh, always telling me how she’s going to corrupt me.

Then there’s others like Tlu. Such an odd Twi’lek girl. So unique and I find her knowledge of the galaxy, her ability to be so streetwise fascinating. I find it so …humbling that a girl- a young girl can have such a knowledge to keep her alive and capable that I do not possess. I often feel schooled by her and the others in how wise they are to the places and things I have not and likely will not ever experience.  She had a shock that I am hoping to help her through. She is strong and I hope she will make the right decisions. I admit, I was a bit confused by her gestures, but I accepted them as friendship.

These friends…humbling, educating and wonderful. I can wield a saber, fight and talk with diplomats and envoys and Council members. I can speak at length in peace with Sith who I would cut down in a field of battle, I am educated in so many things and yet, among all these beings? I feel so ignorant.

I want to learn more about these things. I know the Council will already frown on this, and at this point I feel that knowing my surroundings, comprehending the things I am to defend will bring a perspective I may be missing. I think Raiyden may approve, or at least I think he will.

In other news, I am slowly figuring out what I need to do with Rulan. She is, I think, slowly starting to relax around us and realize we’re not stiff and stuffy Jedi. I am hoping to break her out of her shell a bit. She did well on a recent outing with Raiyden and I, and it was nice to see her smile.

I just hope this progress continues.

<audio off>


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