Robbed Blind. Even that’s bad for a Miralukan.

Caer was annoyed and rightfully so. She’d been robbed blind- no pun intended- by the girl and it chafed her something fierce that she had fallen for the innocent girl act. Maybe she had been wrong in telling Raiyden that she didn’t need looked after. Ashla knew that tonight was living proof that she couldn’t even keep the meager stipend that the Council allowed all Jedi on her persons.

Sighing heavily, she tapped her finger on the table and propped her jaw in the cup of her hand.How was she going to explain this to Raiyden or Neirov? Or even Dalken if he were to find out? She’d be so laughed at. Her cheeks burned with embarrassment as she grumbled to herself and recounted the nights events.

It was her own damn fault for letting the girl get so close, she thought and then shook her head. No, it was simply a girl who was needy. Caer fit that need. She had credits. The girl did not. The girl even admitted that she was stuck up on the station and if Caer had thought things through, she’d have realized the girl had probably already marked her as a target.

Well, live and learn, she supposed.

Thinking back on the evening, it could have been worse. The girl could have tried to do more than pick pocket her. Which might have ended badly for either of them. Caer would not have wanted to hurt the girl and she really felt no ill will towards her; she was more embarrassed and angry at herself for falling for such a simple ruse. She just hoped that the girl would spend those credits wisely and used them to either find a way off the station or use it for food and supplies she’d need. Caer hoped it wouldn’t go towards spice or other illicit items.

Sighing she got to her feet and headed towards her ship. At lest she had a place to sleep, food on her ship as well as her stuff. Heading off she used the force to ‘see’ her way towards the pad where it was being kept.Thankfully nobody was around and she made it to her ship quietly and without harassment. Heading to her room she knelt on her meditation pillow and slipped into the flow of the force around her to relax before bed.

Wherever this girl now was, Caer wished her the best of luck and hoped that someday she’d meet her again.


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